Being Present in the Moment

“Hi Grandma, it’s Pam. I’m your granddaughter.”

I never expected to say these words, and they are some of the hardest I have spoken.

I had prepared myself for a blank stare in response, and confusion over who I was. Instead, a sweet moment followed.

“Yes, I know you. Where are your little ones?” Hearing those simple words were such a nice surprise.

Visiting a loved one with Dementia is something I never expected I’d have to do, and am admittedly not very educated about. I’ve tried to learn as much as I can, but honestly, the best learning has come from sitting across the table from my grandma.

It’s about love, listening, answering, understanding and caring. Nothing has to be perfect, memories don’t have to be crisp – or even clear – but finding a few moments of connection make the visit completely worth it.

One day – one moment – at a time. Cherish the moment with them, because that’s all we have for sure.