Lessons learned from little children

'Look to little children. Watch them play and crawl and be. Does any child believe there is something wrong with himself?  No. Do small children experience the onslaught of negative emotions like insecurity, doubt, sadness or depression? No. 

You see, you weren't born feeling badly about yourself, you were taught to feel that way.'

This quote from 'Life's Golden Ticket’ by Brendon Burchard blew me away. How true is this? Kids spend so much of their time happy, playing, having fun, pursuing joy. 

It is the messages from society that make us question ourselves. If I don't have the perfect body, car, house, job or relationship, then there must be something wrong with me that needs improvement. 

It is my purpose to challenge these messages from society and empower others to be happy and confident with themselves - without the need to be perfect. 

Others' opinions of us and our lives do not control or define us. Let's be proud of who we are and empower each other. It starts inside of each of us - find that place where we are happy and confident with ourselves, and it’s easy to pass that feeling on to others. 

We are all perfectly imperfect – and that’s exactly the way it should be.  There is always something to be proud of. 

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