Clean Eating – 7 Easy, On the Go Snacks

In my previous posts, you’ve learned about the basics of Clean Eating, the types of foods to look for, and how to get started with a couple changes at a time.

But…the question I always asked myself when I was getting started was “what do I do when I am away from home?” It’s easy to make healthy choices when you have a kitchen stocked with good food right in front of you.  But when you’re away from home for most of the day? Not as easy.

Here’s the secret…and it’s something I’ve been doing religiously for a couple years now.

Always have your bag stocked with at least 2 healthy snacks.

It’s not really that profound, but it’s something I never used to do, and then I was always left starving and searching for anything I could get my hands on when I was out and about.  My husband actually chuckles at me, because I am always pulling random pieces of fruit out of my bag when we’re out.

Once I started keeping at least 2 on the go snacks in my bag all the time, it was so much easier to avoid the temptation of vending machines or a drive thru with less than ideal choices, because I could pull an apple out of my bag and eat it wherever I was.


Here are my top 7 easy snack ideas for when you are on the go:

1.    Piece of fruit and natural peanut butter – I love to pack an apple and small cup of natural peanut butter. You can even pre-slice the apple if you won’t have a knife to cut it with.  Other great options are a banana and peanut butter, orange or small cup of any type of fruit you like.

2.    Trail mix – I make my own trail mix with pistachios, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. You can really use whatever nuts, dried fruit, or seeds you like. I would just suggest being aware of the sugar content in the dried fruit – but in small amounts, I don’t worry about it too much. ;)

3.    Energy Balls – The options are endless with these also. I like to use peanut butter, oats, dark chocolate chips, seeds and dried cranberries in these as well. They are great stored in the freezer or fridge, and then I just pull out 2 and store them in a small Tupperware dish in my bag.

4.    2 Hard-boiled eggs

5.    Yogurt parfait in a jar – I love to layer plain Greek yogurt, fresh berries, pure maple syrup or honey and granola in a jar. This is a great option if you have a fridge nearby to store it in - then you can just pull it out and eat it right out of the jar!

6.    Fresh veggies and hummus – my favorites are sugar snap peas or small colored bell peppers with hummus.

7.    Protein Bar – there are endless options here, but some of my favorites are Rx Bars, Lara Bars, Square Organics bars, and Kind bars.

Other great options are pre-baking muffins, egg cups, or homemade granola bars and taking 1 or 2 each day for a snack.

I hope you found these ideas helpful.

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Thanks for reading!


Clean eating, 7 easy on the go snacks