Health Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition (beyond just looking good)

Health benefits of exercise and nutrition

I've spent a lot of time focusing on eating well and exercising to be healthy, happy and strong...but up until now, I never thought about what I really meant when I said it. It just meant "being healthy."

The meaning became crystal clear last week, when I found a small breast lump during a self-exam. It's really easy to freak out in your mind and think the worst is about to happen. My heart started pounding, and I said to myself "please, no. I can't deal with this. Please don't do this to me right now."

I made an appointment to visit the doctor, and up until my appointment, I told myself over and over every day "if there's ever a time that my healthy habits are going to help me, please make that time be now."

I was able to clear my head and have faith that the lifestyle choices I have been making - eating well and exercising - were going to work in my favor. And thankfully, the lump ended up being nothing serious...but it hit me hard that I could so easily have walked out of that doctor's office with a very different situation in front of me. 

I'm not a health professional, but I know there are some factors, such as genetics, that are out of our control. But, I also know there are so many factors that we can control - such as the food we put into our bodies and the lifestyle choices we make every day. 

So, what did I do? I researched which foods have protective properties against cancer and other diseases. It turns out many of the foods we eat every day - especially leafy green vegetables, berries and brightly-colored produce, are very beneficial. I also learned that many diseases thrive on sugar, refined and processed foods. 

I did more research on Shakeology, the superfood shake I drink every day, and learned that most of the ingredients fight inflammation in the body, which is at the root of many diseases. So, now I know that every time I drink that shake, I am filling my body with disease-fighting nutrients. I now also know that committing to a regular exercise routine and maintaining a healthy weight helps with disease prevention. 

This isn't about perfection - but rather about the purpose behind the lifestyle choices we are making. Now I have a much deeper purpose behind why I make the choices that I do. It's not just to look good in a bikini or tank top in the summer, or to feel happier and less stressed. All of those things are great, but now I am being more proactive about my health and disease-prevention as much as I can. I really hope these choices help me in the long run. 

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