Read Kristin Hannah's new novel "The Great Alone" with us!

Do you love historical fiction as much as I do? ;) If that's a yes, keep reading...

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I'm a sucker for historical fiction. And after reading The Nightingale, I have become a huge fan of Kristin Hannah's books. So naturally, I was so excited for her new novel The Great Alone to come out!  

This story is set in Alaska, and tackles the emotion of post-Vietnam war that affects a family who is new to this remote area. This setting alone holds a special place in my heart because my husband travelled there in high school and has always said he wants to go back and live there. Combine that with the emotion that Kristin Hannah always weaves into her books and I know this is going to be another great read. 

The Great Alone: A Novel
By Kristin Hannah

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